Standing Committees

U.S. Priory Standing Committees



Create, review and approve Priory publications, including newsletter and website messaging and updates.

Daniel Reany, OStJ, Chairperson

Timothy Blair, OStJ

David Boven, OStJ

Bita Esmaeli, M.D., OStJ

Charles Mosteller, M.D., CStJ

Sandy Knox-Johnston, CStJ

National Development

Develop and maintain a comprehensive fundraising strategy and plan.

Linda Ziglar, OStJ, Chairperson

Thomas Cerruti, OStJ

Paul Coombs, MStJ

Courtenay Fain, MStJ

Mark LaRoe, KStJ

John Macaskill, CStJ

William Matthews, KStJ

Sharon Moore, OStJ

Timothy Pidgeon, OStJ

Victoria Sheffield, DStJ

Governance Committee

Responsible for reviewing the governance structure, governing documents (including the Priory Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation) and practices of the Priory and reporting its findings and recommendations to the Chapter.

Maxey Roberts, CStJ, Chair

Richard Batchelder, OStJ

Bruce Spivey, M.D., KStJ

Finance and Audit

Develop new fiscal policies as needed; review proposed annual budget; review annual audited financial statements.

John Macaskill, CStJ, Chairperson

Tieman “Skipper” Dippel Jr., OStJ

Victoria Sheffield, DStJ

Marcia Mayo, DStJ

Human Resources

Oversee the human resource functions including, but not limited to, hiring, workplace policies, compensation, performance evaluation and grievances.

John Busterud, KStJ

The Rev’d Deacon Robert Zito, KStJ


Provide management and oversight of investment portfolio.

John Macaskill, CStJ, Chairperson

Ann Daugherty, CStJ

Jack Enoch Jr., KStJ

Palmer Garson, CStJ

Ernest Steiner, MStJ

Muristan Society

Update and maintain the Priory’s planned giving program.

Don Munford, OStJ, Chairperson

Kathryn Cox, DStJ

Glenn Davis, M.D., CStJ

Thomas Hyers, M.D., CStJ

Regional Coordinators

Coordinate & support Regional Chairpersons; to ensure consistent messaging and communications across all Regions and to share best practices and resources.

Julian “Vic” Brandt III, KStJ, Chairperson

Andrew Brooks, KStJ, Co-Chairperson

Strategic Planning

Develop and update the Priory’s mission, vision and Strategic Plan.

Dennis Hensley, KStJ, Chairperson

Thomas Cerruti, OStJ

Paul Coombs, MStJ

Sharon Moore, OStJ

Bruce Spivey, M.D., KStJ

David Trebing, CStJ

Linda Ziglar, OStJ

St John Volunteer Corps

Maintain and develop the St. John Volunteer Corps: provide the infrastructure, best practices and support for Regional implementation.

Richard Southby Ph.D. (Med), KStJ, Chairperson

Butler Derrick, OStJ, Co-Chairperson

Simon Boyd, MStJ

Melanie Ethridge, CStJ

Douglas Garson, OStJ

Jane Heath, OStJ

LTC (Ret) Jeffrey Ritsick, OStJ

Young Members

Gregory Goodrich, OStJ, Chairperson

Pro Fide

Update and uphold what ‘Pro Fide’ means for our Priory & Confrères.

The Rev’d Dr. Russell Levenson Jr., OStJ


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