Priory Committees

U.S. Priory Committees


Audit Committee

Assists Priory Chapter in its oversight responsibilities for financial management, the system and effectiveness of internal controls, the audit process and the Priory's processes and procedures for monitoring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

James Ziglar, OStJ, Chair

John Busterud, KStJ

Sharon Moore, OStJ

Biography Committee

Assists the Priory Registrar, Leadership and Confrères by maintaining current professional and personal Confrères biographies in order to facilitate specific areas of talent and expertise within the Priory, facilitate and encourage more creative ways for Confrères to interact and form deeper relationships within the Priory and encourage the celebration of all Confrères by sharing stories and accomplishments in innovative ways.

Sharon Moore, OStJ, Chair

John Capps, MStJ

Katherine Capps, MStJ

Glenn Donaldson, MStJ

Rob Donaldson, CStJ

Ben Faucett, OStJ

Chivalry and Heraldry Committee

Jim Terzian, CStJ, Chair

Randolph Bell, CStJ

Dave Boven, Ph.D., OStJ

Donald Campbell, OStJ

Jack Enoch Jr., KStJ

Edward Ploysongsang, OStJ

Brian Ragen, KStJ

John Shannon, CStJ

Communications Committee

Review and approve Priory communications and publications, including the newsletter.

Daniel Reany, OStJ, Chair

Timothy Blair, OStJ

Dave Boven, Ph.D., OStJ

Bita Esmaeli, M.D., OStJ

Sandy Knox-Johnston, CStJ

Charles Mosteller, M.D., CStJ

Development Committee

Develop and maintain a comprehensive fundraising strategy that leverages internal and external resources aligned with the Priory's mission.

Linda Ziglar, OStJ, Chair

Thomas Cerruti, OStJ

Paul Coombs, MStJ

Doug Garson, OStJ

Mark LaRoe, KStJ

John Macaskill, CStJ

William Matthews, KStJ

Victoria Sheffield, DStJ

Ecumenical Prayer Book Task Force

Jim Terzian, CStJ, Chair

The Rev’d Dr. Russell Levenson Jr., OStJ

Paul Martin, CStJ

Margaret McLarty, OStJ

LCDR (Ret) Michael Quigley, MStJ

Brian Ragen, KStJ

The Rev'd Dr. Howell Sasser Jr., OStJ

Stephen Storen, CStJ

Finance Committee

Develop new fiscal policies as needed; review proposed annual budget and make recommendations to Chapter.

John Macaskill, CStJ, Chair

Paul Cleveland, OStJ

Tieman “Skipper” Dippel Jr., OStJ

Marcia Mayo, DStJ

Victoria Sheffield, DStJ

Michael Yon, MStJ

Governance Committee

Oversees updates to Priory Bylaws to ensure compliance with Order Statutes and Regulations.

Maxey Roberts, CStJ, Chair

Richard Batchelder, Esq., OStJ

Bruce Spivey, M.D., KStJ

Human Resources Committee

Oversees the HR function of the Priory and guides policies and plans related to compensation, benefits, and policies for employees including, but not limited to hiring, workplace policies, compensation, performance evaluation and grievances.

Cynthia Jarboe, CStJ, Chair

John Busterud, KStJ

Erwin Morrison, OStJ

Investment Committee

Management and oversight of investment portfolio.

John Macaskill, CStJ, Chair

Ann Daugherty, CStJ

Jack Enoch Jr., KStJ

Palmer Garson, CStJ

Ernest Steiner, OStJ

Leadership Retreat Committee

Connie Harriman, MStJ, Co-Chair

Erwin Morrison, OStJ, Co-Chair

Truman Bidwell Jr., CStJ

Matthew Dupee, Esq., KStJ

Jessie Knight, MStJ

Membership Committee

Jim Terzian, CStJ, Chair

Ben Faucett, OStJ

Barry Howard, MStJ

Regional Membership Chairs

Memorial Customary Task Force

Nate Hicks, OStJ, Co-Chair

Jonathan Roberts, OStJ, Co-Chair

Margaret McLarty, OStJ

Don Munford, OStJ

LCDR (Ret) Michael Quigley, MStJ

Vic Brandt, KStJ, Advisor

The Rev’d Eleanor Ellsworth, OStJ, Advisor

Paul Martin, CStJ, Advisor

The Rev'd Dr. Howell Sasser Jr., OStJ, Advisor

Muristan Committee

Assist in further developing the planned giving program.

Don Munford, OStJ, Chair

Kathryn Cox, DStJ

Glenn Davis, M.D., CStJ

Thomas Hyers, M.D., CStJ

John Macaskill, CStJ

Priory Honors and Awards Committee

Evaluate and determine nominations for appointment of new Members and promotions of current Members for approval by London.

Nigel Heath, KStJ, Chair

One Current Priory Member

One Independent Member

Pro Fide

The Order's Pro Fide Committee's primary focus remains "putting the saint back into the Order of St John."

The Rev’d Dr. Russell Levenson Jr., OStJ

Pro Hominum

The Rev’d Eleanor Ellsworth, OStJ, Chair

Joye Blount, MStJ

Thomas Chu, OStJ

D. Francisco De La Pava, OStJ

The Rev'd Canon Christine Faulstich, MStJ

Regional Committee Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating Regional Committee chairs to ensure consistent operations and messaging across all Regions; periodically updates Regional Committee Handbook to reflect new policies and responsibilities.

Andrew Brooks, KStJ, Chair

Service Medal Committee

Jim Terzian, CStJ, Chair

Andrew Brooks, KStJ

Jane Heath, CStJ

Ellen LeCompte, CStJ

LTC (Ret) Jeffrey Ritsick, CStJ

Strategic Planning Committee

Assists the Chapter with its responsibilities for the Priory's mission, vision and strategic direction.

Dennis Hensley, KStJ, Chair

Thomas Cerruti, OStJ

Paul Coombs, MStJ

Sharon Moore, OStJ

Bruce Spivey, M.D., KStJ

David Trebing, CStJ

Linda Ziglar, OStJ

St John Volunteer Corps National Committee

Identify volunteer opportunities in which the talent and commitment of Priory members can be utilized to provide a wide range of services to the communities in which members live and work.

Butler Derrick, OStJ, Chair

Todd Ammermann, OStJ

Aaron Byrd, OStJ

Douglas Garson, OStJ

Jane Heath, CStJ

Alice Pidgeon, OStJ

LTC (Ret) Jeffrey Ritsick, CStJ

Christopher St. Victor-de Pinho, OStJ

Young Members Committee

Austin Spivey, MStJ, Chair

Dave Boven, Ph.D., OStJ

Calvin Brooks, OStJ

Matthew Leddicotte, OStJ


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