St John Volunteer Corps

St John Volunteer Corps (SJVC) of the U.S. Priory is one way in which Members help fulfill our mission to encourage the spiritual and moral strengthening of mankind and to prevent and relieve sickness and injury, and in keeping with our motto Pro Fide (for the faith) and Pro Utilitate Hominum (in the service of humanity).

When the SJVC was formally launched in 2013, the program focused on opportunities to volunteer with veterans within Veterans Administration (VA) facilities. Over time this relationship with veterans extended beyond the VA to other organizations that serve service personnel in need of various forms of special assistance. In an effort to further develop and grow the SJVC, the types of organizations and activities have expanded over the years to include Food Services; Housing and Shelter; Medical and Health Care; Social Support; and Veteran and Military Support.

Participation within the SJVC enables Members to offer hands-on service to the vulnerable in their local communities. Members volunteer within SJVC approved organizations that provide a wide range of types of support to the disadvantaged. Members continue to seek new opportunities to work in partnership with service organizations in their areas to continue the expansion of our humanitarian service to all, regardless of race, gender, class or religion.

Volunteer Opportunities

U.S. Priory Regional chairs and Volunteer Coordinators promote and manage SJVC participation and record the service hours of Members in their respective regions. The number and range of organizations that the U.S. Priory works with continues to expand. All Members are encouraged to seek suitable volunteer opportunities to serve the vulnerable in their local communities and must then submit an application for review and approval to the SJVC National Committee.


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