Case Study: Saja


Saja received treatment for ptosis, or ‘dropped eyelid,’ which she had since birth.

Saja, recently received treatment at our Jerusalem hospital, after suffering from a ptosis or 'dropping eyelid' since birth. Dr Bashar, explained the procedure to fix Saja's eye and she then had surgery. In her mother's words:

"Three months post operation my daughter is like a different person! I am very happy because as she sees herself in the mirror and how normal she looks I think she’s forgotten what she even looked like before. She is even prettier than she was before, if that

is possible. And most importantly her state of mind when she is with other children is also much better. She can interact with the other children and now she feels just like them.”

Saja is one of the 42,700 children we screened or treated at St John Eye Hospital in 2016. She is featured in an online video story which you can watch at link).


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